The Oscars – Best & Worst Dresses

The Oscars – one of the world’s biggest, most glamorous nights, where the stars come together to shine on the infamous red carpet. The prestigious awards ceremony itself is sure enough to be a hit, the pride in watching our favourite celebs go up and collect their little gold guy will never get old, but the ONE thing us females most look forward too at events like this are the DRESSES.

Long or short, big or sleek, extravagant or simple – the red carpet entrance with the actresses in their beautiful, or disastrous, designer gowns becomes more of an event itself with each year.

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So, for my Multimedia Platform module at university I was set a blog task to write about what I believe “my passion” is. Well, it has to be, without a doubt, fashion.

Fashion, style, shopping .. I love it so much. Your style is how you express yourself, its original and it is unique. Unless of course you just jump onto the nearest clothing band-wagon running through your hometown. The idea of buying a new item of clothing, or even an outfit, and thinking of the things you can wear with it, which shoes you think look best etc.. it’s so exciting!

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My favourite film(s) would HAVE to be the Twilight Saga .. And not one of them but all of them. You could say that’s cheating as this counts as 4 films (soon to be 5!!) but oh well!

I remember the first time I watched the first film, “Twilight”, with several of my girlfriends at the cinema, the time and place my extreme love was born! I’ve never been a big fan of chick flicks or even romantic comedies, which is unlike me being a girl .. but Twilight was just different. Everything about it, the story, the characters, the music, it was all so perfect!

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