Olympus Has Fallen

Olympus may have fallen.. but Gerard Butler’s standard sure as hell hasn’t!

Despite the fact the trailer oozed ‘typical, America’s in trouble again yet they’re somehow going to save the world yet AGAIN’.. The film was much more.

Gerard plays President Aaron Eckhart’s close friend and top agent, that is until devastation strikes, and Gerard is forced back into the police force. Years on, the President is in the middle of a meeting with the South Korean Prime Minister when an unknown airplane flies over the state of Washington firing missiles at the White House and the American crowds around. It is from here that a siege of the White House takes place, and who better to play the enemy wanting nothing more than to see America fall than North Korea!

Witnessing the mass attack from his office window, Gerard kicks back into secret agent mode in order to take on the terrorist villains and save the President, on top of the entire country.. which of course he does.

The film wasn’t made as long as other blockbuster hits of the same genre, yet keeps a constant gripping pace throughout, and has a surprisingly swift wrap up ending! (I expected a looooong, patriotic finish which would leave me wishing I was American). Not to mention Gerard Butler was superb as the tough, yet hilarious at times, ex-agent who kicks some serious North Korean butt during the film.

Not as most pessimistic viewers may expect: heartfelt moments mixed with some comedy on top of the heap of mind-blowing Sylvester Stallone style action really does make for a winning comedy. Gerard Butler climbing out of his usual romantic comedy safety net was a fantastic idea, and Olympus Has Fallen was an epicly brilliant film that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Personal Rating: 9/10



The Place Beyond The Pines

I’d been looking forward to seeing this from the very second I heard of a film with both Ryan Gosling AND Bradley Cooper starring.. But I must say, I was a little disappointed.

I am a major Ryan fan, which is probably why I enjoyed the half he was actually in. Yes, you know what that means. He plays the bad boy low life who finds out his one-time fling has had his child, and gets the urge to do more with his life in order to provide for on-screen/off-screen girlfriend Eva Mendes. This involves using his motorcycle riding ‘skills’ in order to rob banks (odd link I know), which is when police officer Bradley enters the scene.

It was from there that I personally felt the film plummeted, as the built up story of a bank robber developed into a dark story of dirty cops and family vengeance, one that went on for far too long. The first 40 minutes = excellent, the next 30 = dropping, the next 20 = getting good again, ending = could have ended 20 minutes ago!

That aside, all three stars were brilliant, Gosling excelling as per! The characters connected well, the story was believable, and at times it gripped me well. The Place Beyond The Pines was sadly one of Ryan’s last films before he heads down a different path of directing.. But I now know he suits every hair colour as well as every type of man, bad boy looks good on this fabulous actor.

Personal Rating: 7/10



It’s officially over. The Twilight Saga is complete .. *sob*

The final film, Breaking Dawn Part 2, came out on Friday. My boyfriend and I went to the half 6 showing, I have almost never been as excited for the release of a film. Well, it’s safe to say it delivered.

I have been a twi-hard fan since the first film, and have read all of the books. Therefore, I already knew what was going to happen, but to see these films visualised is simply amazing.. This one especially.

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack Review

Released Monday 12th November, only 4 days before the release of the film, the Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack is a 14-track CD of pure musical genius.

And of course I would think this, being the twi-hard fan that I am! After being dragged to see the first film, I have since been dragging others to come with me to see the rest. I have read each of the books, and it is safe to say, that Stephenie Meyer is an iconic writer on the same level as JK Rowling herself.

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this is not only awesome.. but extremely true!

1000 Awesome Things

Illegal Nap

You know what’s even better than laying on a hammock in the backyard on a sunny Saturday afternoon? Better than catching a few winks after classes before a long night out at the bars? Better than falling asleep on the couch with the baseball game on the radio? You know what’s even better than all that?

I’ll tell you what: illegal naps, my friend. Sneaking them in when you ain’t supposed to.


Napping any time you know you shouldn’t be napping has a bit of an edgy, dangerous feel to it, like sneaking into a movie, sharing a free-refill soda at Applebee’s, or coming across customs without declaring the new sweater you’re wearing.

I’m talking about driving away from work at lunchtime, parking in a nearby parking lot, tilting back your driver’s seat, and then sneaking in a little siesta before an afternoon full of meetings. I’m talking about…

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New University Year!

Within a week of my return to Southampton, and the Solent University, I have spent half of my loan.. and been given ALL of my assignments for the term.


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A Golden Event – The London Olympics 2012!

The London Olympics – a historical event that millions of British people will never experience again, the largest international games that comes to any one place maybe once every century.

Not many will have had the privilege of actually visiting the Olympic village in Stratford, even less will be able to say they attended an Olympic event, and EVEN less will say they watched the mighty Team GB compete! Well, I am one of the minority.

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