It’s officially over. The Twilight Saga is complete .. *sob*

The final film, Breaking Dawn Part 2, came out on Friday. My boyfriend and I went to the half 6 showing, I have almost never been as excited for the release of a film. Well, it’s safe to say it delivered.

I have been a twi-hard fan since the first film, and have read all of the books. Therefore, I already knew what was going to happen, but to see these films visualised is simply amazing.. This one especially.

Bella and Edward were married and fought through the struggles of her carrying his part-vampire baby during the first of the 2 films, but it is in this one that she becomes a vampire (finally!). It was the first time I have actually liked Kirsten Stewart, as an actress and Bella in the film, because she changed from a boring girl into a woman. It was interesting to see her change for once.

The film did not stick to the book’s storyline either, which resulted brilliantly. Every reader knows that everything lead up to a huge fight in the book, yet nothing happened, which is where the film went in a completely different direction. Through a clever use of Alice’s visions, the audience got to see the fight that never happened in the book, something I thought it had lacked and would have preferred to happen! The action was fantastic, yet seeing some of the main characters die was physically painful, and something I hadn’t wished to happen, another positive to the vision idea!

As I’d hoped, the film had the most spectacular ending I could ever have hoped for, it was literally perfect. Of course they all live happily ever after, but with the use of my favourite song EVER (A Thousand Years), Bella creates a loving montage for Edward. It includes the first time they met, their near-death experiences and pains, and the numerous amount of times that they’re together expressing their love in different ways (parts where I look at my boyfriend and question as to why he isn’t Edward Cullen). It was beautiful.

Honestly, this film left me in floods of tears. I couldn’t have asked for any more, it had everything I have loved about every Twilight film; the characters, the action, the suspense, and most importantly, the undying love. 10/10!


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