Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack Review

Released Monday 12th November, only 4 days before the release of the film, the Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack is a 14-track CD of pure musical genius.

And of course I would think this, being the twi-hard fan that I am! After being dragged to see the first film, I have since been dragging others to come with me to see the rest. I have read each of the books, and it is safe to say, that Stephenie Meyer is an iconic writer on the same level as JK Rowling herself.

The film is being released tomorrow, or tonight at 12 o’clock for those lucky enough to be attending the midnight screening, and I have been looking forward to Friday since the day I saw the first part of the film! Breaking Dawn Part Two is the last in the saga, and therefore the one film that has experienced the biggest build up to it’s release.

Like every other Twilight film soundtrack there are slow, enchanting numbers, stronger, more upbeat, folk style music tracks, and dramatic, lyrical love songs. All of which fit in perfectly with the different moods and events the films each bring to the table.

Those of you that are huge fans yourself may know and love the song ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri, which was recorded for the first Breaking Dawn soundtrack. Similar to the film, it returns with a part two, this time featuring Steve Kazee. His gentle yet raspy voice adds an Edward tone to Christina’s Bella, and it compliments the new tune very well.

British artist Ellie Goulding’s contribution ‘Bittersweet’ is another that stood out for me. The suprisingly quick-paced track is a lovely addition, but one that I could imagine just adding a famous name into the tracklist. The Twilight films are regulars for including well known bands like Paramore and Muse, but tend to use the music of less known groups throughout the film. A few of these I imagine will be used in the film are Pop ETC with ‘Speak Up’, and Passion Pit’s ‘Where I Come From’, both from the usual indie genre the Twilight saga films use.

‘The Antidote’ by St Vincent is sure to be the hardcore track of this film’s soundtrack, the one that is played during an evil character’s scene, or one where the main characters prepare for a battle scene. It’s dark and omnious, with a heavy beat – perfect for a Breaking Dawn Part Two last fight preperation scene.

The soundtrack is up there as one of the best in comparison to the other film’s, yet like the films, they simple keep getting better. It’s such a shame that, as of tomorrow, I won’t be viewing another one! I love them so much, and they’re definately films that I will be watching for years to come. Bring on tomorrow evening for Breaking Dawn Part Two!!


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