It’s officially over. The Twilight Saga is complete .. *sob*

The final film, Breaking Dawn Part 2, came out on Friday. My boyfriend and I went to the half 6 showing, I have almost never been as excited for the release of a film. Well, it’s safe to say it delivered.

I have been a twi-hard fan since the first film, and have read all of the books. Therefore, I already knew what was going to happen, but to see these films visualised is simply amazing.. This one especially.

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack Review

Released Monday 12th November, only 4 days before the release of the film, the Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack is a 14-track CD of pure musical genius.

And of course I would think this, being the twi-hard fan that I am! After being dragged to see the first film, I have since been dragging others to come with me to see the rest. I have read each of the books, and it is safe to say, that Stephenie Meyer is an iconic writer on the same level as JK Rowling herself.

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this is not only awesome.. but extremely true!

1000 Awesome Things

Illegal Nap

You know what’s even better than laying on a hammock in the backyard on a sunny Saturday afternoon? Better than catching a few winks after classes before a long night out at the bars? Better than falling asleep on the couch with the baseball game on the radio? You know what’s even better than all that?

I’ll tell you what: illegal naps, my friend. Sneaking them in when you ain’t supposed to.


Napping any time you know you shouldn’t be napping has a bit of an edgy, dangerous feel to it, like sneaking into a movie, sharing a free-refill soda at Applebee’s, or coming across customs without declaring the new sweater you’re wearing.

I’m talking about driving away from work at lunchtime, parking in a nearby parking lot, tilting back your driver’s seat, and then sneaking in a little siesta before an afternoon full of meetings. I’m talking about…

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