A Golden Event – The London Olympics 2012!

The London Olympics – a historical event that millions of British people will never experience again, the largest international games that comes to any one place maybe once every century.

Not many will have had the privilege of actually visiting the Olympic village in Stratford, even less will be able to say they attended an Olympic event, and EVEN less will say they watched the mighty Team GB compete! Well, I am one of the minority.

My aunt Tina (3rd from the right) was fortunate enough to get tickets for not just her but all of the Jackson family! It was a day to remember, right from the very early 4am start .. First came the men’s hockey, Australia VS Spain and then Holland VS Bulgaria. Both matches were extremely enjoyable, even for a girl who personally despises the sport! We were also lucky enough to get tickets to another event, the volleyball. This took the term epic to the next level, as we got to watch the Team GB girl’s team compete! Despite the fact they weren’t victorious (b00000) the atmosphere was insane, with a horrendous riot of cheers following every point. It really was an experience I won’t ever forget, the tense feeling we all felt in Earl’s Court is still fresh!

Towards the beginning of this summer, before I had discovered we were lucky enough to be going, I wasn’t too excited about the Olympic games – at all. But I am so happy that the chance to go fell upon me and turned my negative opinion on its head, as I now have such fond memories of one of the biggest events Britain has ever hosted. 29 gold medals and coming THIRD in the medals chart, the highest we have ever come in history, is simply amazing, and a record I’m positive we will smash in 4 years time in Rio! TEAM GB!


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