The Oscars – Best & Worst Dresses

The Oscars – one of the world’s biggest, most glamorous nights, where the stars come together to shine on the infamous red carpet. The prestigious awards ceremony itself is sure enough to be a hit, the pride in watching our favourite celebs go up and collect their little gold guy will never get old, but the ONE thing us females most look forward too at events like this are the DRESSES.

Long or short, big or sleek, extravagant or simple – the red carpet entrance with the actresses in their beautiful, or disastrous, designer gowns becomes more of an event itself with each year.

Like every other year, the 2012 Oscars had some beauties. A personal favourite, and one that received a huge amount of positive comments was that of actress Jessica Chastain, nominated for “The Help”. Her beautiful black and gold Alexander McQueen gown was easily the best of the night, her fitted corset and flowing skirt with a slight train embellished all over with gold beads giving a fantastic vintage feel.

Another head-turner was from Missi Pyle of the “The Artist”, her gorgeous mermaid style Valentina Delfino gown winning The Red Carpet Green award due to the fact it was made from recycled silk. So, beautiful and good for the environment! There isn’t much these celebrities can’t do these days.

I am a follower of fashion myself, and knew what sort of colours and styles to expect this year, one in particular that cropped up several times and didn’t disappoint. Several actresses, including Cameron Diaz and “Bridesmaids” star Wendi McLendon, sported the popular nude colour, and looked wonderful whilst doing so. The pastel colours have been very ‘in’ for every event in the last few years, and continued to spark my interest seeing them grace the red carpet yet again this year.

However, we all know the tale of Beauty and the Beast – and not every dress will give the celebrity the reaction they were after. As spectators we expect to witness the best, but secretly crave to see a few real ugly dresses in order to compare with, and it just wouldn’t be fun viewing if they were all wonderfully amazing. We women are mean creatures.

Lady of the night Meryl Streep may have received the noble Best Actress Award for her role in “The Iron Lady”, but her frock really did not live up to her standard. Her low cut, body hugging Lanvin dress really did her no favours. She almost got it right with her choice in colour – gold – but the fact that she chose a tacky over terrific fabric confirmed her downfall. Meryl looked like she was appearing in a backstreet performance of Aladdin, yet she didn’t cast any real magic.

I personally feel that the dresses from the 2012 Oscars have been wonderful overall, classics have been revived, the norm has been broken in some cases, and yes there have been a couple of fashion disasters… but how fun would these events be to watch if everything was picture perfect?


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