So, for my Multimedia Platform module at university I was set a blog task to write about what I believe “my passion” is. Well, it has to be, without a doubt, fashion.

Fashion, style, shopping .. I love it so much. Your style is how you express yourself, its original and it is unique. Unless of course you just jump onto the nearest clothing band-wagon running through your hometown. The idea of buying a new item of clothing, or even an outfit, and thinking of the things you can wear with it, which shoes you think look best etc.. it’s so exciting!

My favourite item of clothing (at the moment of course) and its so hard to choose, would probably be my trusty Topshop denim skinny jeans, you can not beat a pair of skinnies that really fit well! They are so hard to find with my short legs and stupidly petite sized ankles 😦 I also have a few other key favourites I always reach for first in the wardrobe, my lovely black leather jacket being one. I had wanted one for aaaages and finally found one in H&M, little bit on the biker side but that just compliments the rest of my “girly” clothes with an edge. I also love a nice blouse or lumberjack style shirt, buttoned to the top of course, tucked into my jeans or high-waisted levi shorts, comfy yet looks awesome! Urban Outfitters is my all time favourite store by a country mile due to it’s unique products, I literally love it!

I also LOVE buying shoes. Working at an independent shoe shop that stocked and sold the nicest, yet more expensive, brands of shoes was no doubt to blame.. and never benefitted my bank balance much either. I can’t be without my gorgeous burgundy leather Hudson loafers, little brown suede booties, or my extremely comfortable Converse! Heels are a must if I’m going out – I don’t understand how wearing flats is dressing up for the occasion – New Look is probably my favourite place to buy them because of the price and the fact I know that they are going to fit me well and usually always last me a night out without my soles killing!

Style and fashion is my ultimate passion, i love everything about it, and I love my own style. It is what I spend a significant amount of my money on, but that is because it’s so important to me.


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