My favourite film(s) would HAVE to be the Twilight Saga .. And not one of them but all of them. You could say that’s cheating as this counts as 4 films (soon to be 5!!) but oh well!

I remember the first time I watched the first film, “Twilight”, with several of my girlfriends at the cinema, the time and place my extreme love was born! I’ve never been a big fan of chick flicks or even romantic comedies, which is unlike me being a girl .. but Twilight was just different. Everything about it, the story, the characters, the music, it was all so perfect!

Several years on I am still a huge fan, “New Moon’, “Eclipse”, and the newest edition, the first half of the book, “Breaking Dawn”, I have loved every one! The last film’s release was a huge thing for me, I booked tickets to watch it on the first day (the 18th November I can still remember!) and yes, tears were shed at the sheer love between characters Edward and Bella during the wedding and honeymoon scenes!

I am a huge fan of character Jacob, a feature of myself my boyfriend despises, and have been since the first film (even though he had long hair!) but now the saga is coming to an end, I can definitely see the obsession with Edward! He’s gorgeous, and portrays a figure every young girl wants to herself, a protecting loving man, well vampire, who is willing to endure death to save you.. *deep satisfied sigh*.

The last film in the Twilight Saga is out next year, and I simply can not wait, despite the fact it does mean the end of the films being further produced! I own each one and will continue to watch, and read the books, as much as I possibly can, or whenever I just get into one of those moods where I just want to cuddle up with my Alex and watch Twilight! I have now successfully got him into the films too, yet their reputation with the male gender would say that was one hell of a task .. now he is my Edward, and I am his Bella x


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